Snow Daze 2003 in Whistler, British Columbia!

window.jpg (103681 bytes) 7 nights at Floxglove #28, just up the street from the Fairmont Whistler Chateaux on Blackcomb mountain. Excellent accommodations, and the lock box on the door was perfect for 11 people coming and going at all hours. Here's the view from the dinning room.


The first night, most of us went out for dinner - that's where was told that "Fire in = fire out".

Other things I learned from the gang:

But its canadian!
look at that pow
b as in boy, two as in . . . Well, 2
back when I played with blocks
ride for five
gary coleman
pig on
I can jump that
ew. . . I smell burnt popcorn
theres a popcorn button???
pocket rocket
salad bowls
I got it at Target - They have more!
Props to the ramp crew
Thats my husband
 I know its gross, but the dog loves it
dinnerB1.JPG (60321 bytes)
dinnerBb1.JPG (53421 bytes)
dinnerA1.JPG (38376 bytes) We did venture out again to the Mongolian grill - at 4:30 in the evening its not too crowded but after 5, you're pretty much guaranteed at least an hour or more wait!



There was rain, there was snow, there was wind, and then, on the last day, there was sun - glorious, fabulous, sun. This is a shot from the restaurant at the midstation of Blackcomb. You could ski all the way down the village, though the snow was kinda icy towards the bottom due to the rain.

Rendevouz.jpg (47375 bytes)

Here's the "crew"

group1.JPG (29376 bytes)
L to R - Front Row: Laura, Carl, Me, Second Row: Liz, Dave, Julia, Brad, Back Row: Todd, Cyrus, Michele, Debbie

And the second to last day, Liz, Julia, and I spent the time coasting down Upper and Lower Whiskey Jack - the sun started to break out just a little bit.

meclouds1.jpg (52142 bytes)


On the last day, 7th heaven was truly spectacular. Check out the view of Whistler mountain (on the right) from the top of Blackcomb. Those little black specks at the bottom left are people - and that's just half way down the run. I got sunburned skiing this!

7thheavensmall.jpg (53655 bytes)


Headed to the Rendezvous for lunch and ran into Liz, Todd and Debbie.

debtoddlizme1.jpg (87885 bytes)


And ahhhh... the download. Nothing like taking it easy after the end of a long, gorgeous day on the slopes. That's called "not killing your self on ice when you're tired and there are crazy people all around you." :)

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