Summer 2005 at Hill Ranch

Take a look at the montage below. These are not close to all the pictures, but they are the best. From Kik's collection and mine. Hope you enjoy!


God's Country. Hill Ranch, from the portch

Porch View to the South

Hiking to the Frog field

Hiking back from the Frogs

Lots of frogs to kiss - ewwww.

Suzi & Becca next to the BIG cedar tree.

Hammocks are COOL

TV watching

Mom makes GOOD black berry pies!


Grandpa thinks Hammocks are cool too!

Becca's Dog - Baby

Becca and her dog.

New Baby - 1 AM

Baby on his (not her!) feet - 30 minutes after being born

Becca at the tree cave

Becca and Baby at the tree cave

The Coweeman - looking south from the bridge

Becca at the bridge

The Coweeman looking North


Mmmm... blackberries

The Black Walnut tree

Blowing bubbles with Dad

Bubbles rock!

Bubbles again

The portch walnut tree

Nana and PB&J - excellent.

Mom, Dad and Becca on the portch

Family shot - from under the walnut tree

Another family shot!

Becca loves horses. Lexie loves Becca

Cousins are cool - chillin' in the hammock.

3 days old - Rilla!

Cute baby.

Rilla itches.

Hello Rilla!

Rilla loves Suzi. :)

Go, Rilla, Go!!!

Becca and Dad at Rainier Nat. Park

Becca, Dad and Uncle Jesse at Mt. Rainier

Becca sees a Deer!

Floating the Coweeman

Zorro - the "grumpy" dog.

Can you find the Ranch house?