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Thanksgiving 2002 was spent at Jody, Kik, and Becca's fabulous house in Tampa, FL. A good time was had by all, especially when Jesse brought his extra X Box controllers. We spent countless hours "apple pie-ing" each other when we played Halo. It was everyone for themselves or two on two. On the big screen TV, it was pretty cool to even watch - at least that's what mom and dad said. I think even began to dream in the Halo world. Very scary, considering how violent the game is.

We also ate some of the best food EVER. Kik outdid herself in the kitchen and I managed to only break 2 things. I was even invited back. :) We went out and saw the movie Solaris - Mom was the only one who liked it, though it did provoke some very interesting discussion. We introduced Mom to the Fellowship of the Rings on their amazing entertainment system - Kik swears that Becca's first word is going to be "pixel" by the time Jody gets everything set up exactly the way he likes it.

Speaking of Becca, I have to say that I have perhaps the most beautiful niece in the world. And since I have a tough act to follow, seeing that I am the SECOND Aunt Suzi in our family, I'm going to have to get crackin'! Here are some of the pictures I took during turkey day 2002!

Grandpa and Becca comparing hair styles

BnD-1a.jpg (36759 bytes)

Becca showing Grandpa how good she is at standing by herself.

BnD-2a.jpg (30154 bytes)

BnJ-1a.jpg (26123 bytes)

Becca using Dad to check out what's going on.

BnJ-2a.jpg (26527 bytes)

Becca says, "Dad, you're having way too much fun."

BnM-1a.jpg (33535 bytes)

Nana and Becca playing with blocks.

BnM-2a.jpg (32488 bytes)

Nana is way more into the blocks than Becca.

BnM-3a.jpg (33049 bytes)

Nana makes good nap time.

BnK-1a.jpg (31153 bytes)

Mom's naps are the best, though.

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