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Victoria and Vancouver Island, British Columbia
You can only get there by air or by sea - I've traveled by Washington State Ferry from Anacortes, WA through the San Juan Islands to Sidney, BC (see below). And most recently took the Port Angeles, WA ferry to Victoria Harbor. Its a wonderful way to see Puget Sound - and while I didn't see any Orcas, if the weather is good, the mountains are spectacular.

Wash. St. Ferry in San Jaun Islands

victoriaempress.jpg (84564 bytes) These two are pictures from summer 2000. On the right is the famous House of Parliament facing the Victoria Harbor.

The left is the well known Empress Hotel, where you can go for a distinctively British  high tea.

victoriaparl.jpg (78876 bytes)
bfly1.JPG (97138 bytes) Summer 2001
One of the tourist traps on the island is the Butterfly Museum. This is the same butterfly - notice the dramatically different colors and patterns depending on which side of the wing you are viewing. This is the largest butterfly in the world - wing span ~6 inches. Of course, I don't remember the name. :)
jpegs/bfly2.JPG (86385 bytes)
garden7.JPG (128982 bytes) garden6.JPG (119597 bytes) Garden3.JPG (149361 bytes)
garden4.JPG (151649 bytes) A MUST see for Vancouver Island:
The Buchart Gardens.
These were taken in late August, when many of the flowers were at their peak. It was a gorgeous day - now, if we could have just gotten rid of the tourists.
garden5.JPG (146911 bytes)
Garden1.jpg (156229 bytes) garden8.JPG (123520 bytes) garden2.JPG (106537 bytes)

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